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Lights On

October 22nd

Experience a family friendly event at The Dent Schoolhouse.

What is Lights On at The Dent Schoolhouse?

Experience The Dent Schoolhouse with the lights on! Trick-or-treat through the halls of Dent and experience family friendly monsters. Candy and prize stations will be located throughout the haunt.

  • Child Admission

    Includes your entry into the schoolhouse.
  • $10.00Pre-Sale
  • Buy now
  • Adult Admission

    Skip the Wait
  • $15.00Pre-Sale
  • Buy now

Candy stations throughout the schoolhouse!

Friendly Monster Meet & Greet!

The lights are on throughout  the attraction!

Fun for all ages!

 PLUS- you can see all the amazing detail and sets inside the attraction.

The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45248

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