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Lights OUT

November 3rd & 4th

Lights OUT at The Dent Schoolhouse

What is Lights Out at The Dent Schoolhouse?

The lights go OUT and all you get to light your way is a glow stick!  No lights, no help, and lots of LIVE monsters!  Lights Out is our most intense haunted house event of the year!

2023 Details:  Click Here 

  • General Admission

    Includes your entry into the schoolhouse.
  • $35.00Pre-Sale
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  • Fast Pass

    Skip the Wait
  • $55.00Pre-Sale
  • Buy now
  • Front Of The Line

    Walk straight in the front door!
  • $65.00Pre-Sale
  • Buy now


  • -Are all of the lights out? – YES, almost every light is off in the attraction other than the stairwell and other areas that need lighting for your safety

  • Are there actors inside? – YES X2. There are more live bodies in the schoolhouse during Lights Out than any other show Dent does!

  • Are the props and animations still on? – YES. All of our animations are turned on… they just are very dark.

  • What is the TOUCH PASS – it allows our monsters to touch you!  (safely)

  • TOUCH PASS is for 18 years or older.

The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45248

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