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2021 Reviews/Honors:

USA Today— Reader’s Choice Top 10 Haunted Attractions
Good Morning America— Top Haunts in America
Only In Your State— The 14 Most Terrifying Haunted Attractions In America That’ll Scare You Silly
Hauntworld— #11 on Top 13 haunts for 2021
FrightFind— 2021 Top Haunted Houses List
America Haunts— Most Legendary Haunted Attraction List
Coaster-Nation— #4 on Top 31 Haunted Houses 2021
The Travel— These Scary Halloween Events Are Worth Traveling For List
Queen Of Haunts— Top 13 Terrorific Haunts for 2021
Gunaxin— Scariest Haunted Houses in America
City Beat— Best Haunted House in Cincinnati
Ohio Business Magazine— 2021 Best Workplace
Wall Street Journal— Featured Article
Lifehacker— Featured Article
Haunted Attraction Association— Top Haunts 2021

2020 Reviews/Honors:

Oprah Magazine— Scariest Haunted Houses in the US
CityBeat— Best of Cincinnati – Best Haunted House
Ohio Business Magazine— 2020 Best Workplace
Far and Wide— Top Haunted Houses Listed By Yelp Reviews

2019 Reviews/Honors:

Popular Mechanics— 15 Best Haunted Houses Across America
Yahoo Finance— Most ‘Terrorific’ Haunted Attractions In The U.S.
CNN—10 Best Haunted Houses Across America
Reader’s Digest— The Best Haunted Houses in America
UPROXX— Scariest Haunted Attractions in the Country
AltPress— 12 Most Extreme Haunted Houses
Travel Pulse— The Best Haunted Houses in America
America Haunts— Voted 2019 Most Entertaining Haunted Attraction List
Family Vacation Critic— 13 Best Haunted Houses in the U.S.
Gunaxin— Scariest Haunted Houses in America
Wonder Lust Travel— 10 Best Haunted Attractions
Coaster Nation— Top 31 Haunted Attractions (Top 13)
The Scare Factor— Top Must See Haunted House of Ohio 2019
FrightFind— Scariest Haunted House in Ohio
Haunted Attraction Association—Top Haunts List 2019
City Beat—101 Every Cincinnatian Should Do
The Travel— 10 Most Intense Haunted Houses
The Travel Fairies Blog— The Best Places To Go For Halloween
Haunt Rater— #1 Haunted Attraction in Ohio
Team Zombillies Haunt Reviews— #1 Rated Haunted Attraction Out Of 72 Haunts
Cincy Magazine— Best of the West Finalist
365 Cincinnati— The Best Haunted House To Visit in Cincinnati
Washington Post—Feature Article
Glamour—Feature Article

2018 Reviews/Honors:

Travel Channel— Feature on the show Here For The Boos
theCHIVE— Top 10 Scariest Haunted Houses in America
MSN—The Scariest Halloween Attractions
CNN Travel— 8 Best Haunted Houses List
Mental Floss—  Top 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in America list
Countdown to Halloween— Best Halloween Attractions in the US— #3 on America’s Scariest Haunted Houses list
Business Insider— Scariest Haunted House in Ohio— 14 Best Haunted Attractions Around the World
The Haunt Rater— #1 Haunt in Ohio
WatchMojo—Top 10 Most Insane Haunted House Attractions in the USA
Coaster Nation— Top 10 Haunted Attractions 2018
College Media Network— The Best Haunted Houses In America— Top Haunted Houses in Ohio
Cincinnati Business Courier— Top 5 Scariest Entertainment Venues
Ohio Valley Haunts Review—  “is truly what a haunted house is supposed to be”
The Daily Review— Where To Get Haunted For Halloween
Best Things Ohio— The 9 Best Haunted Attractions in Ohio List

2017 Reviews/Honors:

BuzzFeed— #5 on the Top 13 Craziest Haunted Houses in America List
UPPROXX—  The 12 Scariest haunted Attractions in America List
Business Insider— Scariest Haunted Houses in Every State List
theCHIVE— Scariest Haunts Houses in the Nation List
MSN— 20 Scariest American Halloween Attractions List
CNN— Haunted House Across America
Best Products— #1 on 11 Scariest Haunted Houses List
Elite Daily— #2 on Scariest Haunted Houses List
Insider— Scariest Haunted Houses in Every State List— #3 on 2017 America’s Scariest Haunted Houses— #5 on 2017 Top 13 Haunted Houses List
American Grit— Top 10 Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.
Haunted House Ratings— #11 Top 31 Must See List
I Love Halloween— 12 Most Extreme Haunted Houses List
Haunted Attraction Magazine— Top 31 Must See List
Fright Find—  Top Haunted Houses in America List— #1 on Scariest Location to Have A Haunted House List
The Lineup— 30 Scariest Haunted Houses List
Travel Pulse— Top 13 Haunted Houses List— Best Haunted House Crew List— Scariest Haunted Houses in America
TechOhio— 5 Most Feared Haunted Attractions In Ohio
Fodors— Scariest Haunt in Every State
MSN— The Best Haunted Houses in Every State
Forever Geek— 13 Most Extreme Haunts to Visit
Coaster Nation— Top 13 Haunted Attractions 2017
The Scare Factor— 9.51 out of 10 Scare Factor
The Scare Factor— #4 Top Fan-Voted “Must-See” Ohio Haunts List
City Blood Haunt Reviews— 9 out of 10
Must See Haunted— Top 10 Haunts
The Daily Meal— 10 Most Terrifying Attractions For Halloween

2016 Reviews/Honors:

USA Today— #1 on 5 of the most Terrifying Haunts in America
CNN— 5 Haunted Attractions You Can’t Miss This Halloween
Hauntworld— #9 on Top 13 World’s Scariest Haunted Houses
Hauntworld— #8 Best Cast and Crew in America
the CHIVE— 4 Scariest Haunted Houses list
eBaum’s World— #10 on The Most Intese Haunted Houses List
BREAK— 13 of the Most Intense Haunted Houses List
Haunted Attraction Magazine— #4 on Must See 31 Haunts List
Haunted Attraction Online—  Top 13 Haunted House List
Fright Find— Ohio’s Top Haunted House
Haunted House Tour— 4.8 out of 5
Haunted House Tour— Most Innovative Haunt Award
Haunted House Tour— Best Traditional Haunt Award
Haunted House Tour— Most Improved Haunt Award
Haunted House Tour— Frightmaster Award for 2016
TheScareFactor— 9.56 out of 10
City Blood Haunt Reviews— 9.2 out of 10
Coaster Nation—  Top 13 Haunted Attractions List
I Love Halloween— 13 of the Most Extreme Haunted Houses Ever List
CityNOVA— #2 Creepiest Haunted House to Visit in Ohio
Vuz— Scariest Haunted Houses in America
Steam Register— The Top 13 Must See Haunts for 2016
Madisons— 2016 Scariest Haunts List
Inquisitr— Perfect Haunted Locations To Visit for Halloween List
Gunaxin— Scariest Haunted Houses in America List
GoBanking Rates— #1 Haunted Place to visit for $20— Top 10 of America’s Scariest Haunted Houses

2015 Reviews/Honors:

BuzzFeed— #1 on 19 Insane Haunted Houses List
Haunted Attraction Magazine— #1 on 31 Must See Haunts 2015 List
Yahoo!— Top 4 Haunt Houses in America— 10 Extreme Haunted Attractions Across America List— The Most Terrifying Haunted Houses You MUST Visit in America List
Frightfind— Top Haunted Houses in America:  Ohio’s Best
Nster— #2 on Terrifying Haunted Houses You Should Experience Before You Die — #3 on Top 31 List for 2015— #4 on County’s Scariest Haunted Houses for 2015— #8 Best Actors in a Haunted House for 2015— #4 Top Haunted House in America for 2015
AroundMe— One of the top 15 Goriest Haunted Houses in America— #8 Must See Haunted Houses for 2015
Dread Central— Top 13 Terrifying Haunted Houses for 2015
Coaster-Nation— Top 13 Haunted Attractions for 2015
Ohio Valley Haunts Review— 9.5 out of 10!!!
City Blood Haunt Review— 9.2 out of 10!!!

2014 Reviews/Honors

Buzzfeed— Listed on the Terrifying Haunted Houses To Experience Before You Die list!
E!— Ranked one of the 7 Craziest, Scariest, Most Extreme Haunted Attractions in America!— Best Haunted Houses in the U.S. list
Haunted Attraction Magazine— #4 on Top 31 Must See Haunted Attractions
The Houses October Built (movie)— listed on America’s Scariest Haunted Houses List
Impulcity— Scariest Haunted Attractions in Ohio list
Haunted House— Ranked #5 on Top 31 List— #7 on Hauntworld’s Top 13 Haunted Houses list— #5 of the 10 Most EXTREME Haunted Attractions in America 2014— #6 on the 10 Best Actors for 2014
City Blood Haunt Review— Haunt Of The Year
Ohio Valley Haunts Review— #2 on Best Haunts for 2014
Ohio Valley Haunts Review— Best Makeup for 2014
Ohio Valley Haunt Reviews— Best Props, Best Lighting, and Best Detailing for 2014
The Scare— 9.6 out of 10
Cincinnati Awards Program- Best of 2014 Night Life Award
Haunted Attraction Magazine— Featured article

2013 Reviews/Honors





ABC News— Dent named one of the scariest haunted houses in the US
USA Today—  Dent was listed in Top Haunts list
Discovery Channel— 11th in Top 12 Scariest Haunted Houses in the US
The Green Label—  Dent ranks in the Top 10 Scariest Haunted Houses
Huffington Post— Dent named in America’s Best Haunted House list
Travel Channel— Featured Dent on Toy Hunters
Cincinnati Awards Program- Best of 2013 Night Life Award
Haunted Attraction Magazine— Top 31 Must See Haunted Attractions
Haunted House— America’s Best Top 31 List
Top Haunts Magazine— 2013 Top 10 Haunts List
Haunt World Magazine — Haunt World Top 13 2013
Haunt World Magazine — #5 on Most Unique Haunted Attractions in America 2013
Haunted Attraction Association — 2013 Award Of Oustanding Service
Ohio Valley Haunts — 9.5 out of 10 rating
House of DOOM Reviews— Dent has become a symphony of horror…. a yearly masterpiece that rarely misses a note.

2012 Reviews/Honors





HGTV— Made it on the 5th slot for HGTV’s 15 Spooktacular Halloween Events
Top Haunts Mazagine— Ranked #2 in the nation
Travel Channel— Featured on the Scariest Halloween Attractions List
Travel Channel— Featured on the TV Show Halloween Crazy
Discovery Channel— Featured on Top 13 Scariest List
Huffington Post — Top 13 America’s Best Haunted House
CRAVE Online— Top 13 Best Scenic Haunted Houses in America
Haunted House— America’s Best Top 13 — Top 13 America’s Best Haunted House— Top 13 Best Scenic Haunted Houses in America— Top 13 Scariest REAL haunted houses in America
Business Insider— Dent Makes America’s Scariest List
Ohio Valley Haunts — “…see one of the best Haunted Houses the world has ever know – The Dent Schoolhouse!”
The House Of Doom — “…Dent earns every accolade it brings in.”
City Blood Haunt Reviews — 9.6 “The Dent schoolhouse is in a league of its own…”
The Scare Factor — “The Dent Schoolhouse is not your everyday haunted attraction… ”— Ranked in the Top 5 Haunted Houses in the nation

2011 Reviews/Honors


ABC News— Ranks Dent as one of America’s Spookiest Places
Huffington Post— Featured a haunted article about Dent
Travel Channel— Featured on the TV Show Halloween Crazy
Travel Channel— Featured an online walkthrough of the schoolhouse’s basement —Top 13 America’s Best Haunted House –and– Top 13 Scariest Place To Have A Haunt —On America’s Best Haunted House List
City Blood Haunt Reviews—9.6 “…is one of the best haunts in the nation”
Ohio Valley Haunts9.5 “…among the elite haunted houses in the region”
City Beat—Featured on the front cover City Beat— “Simply put, Dent’s the Masterpiece Theater of haunting.”

2010 Reviews/Honors


USA Today —12 Scariest Haunted House Attracion for 2010
Forbes —One of the 10 Most Wicked Haunted Houses In America
Los Angeles Times — 11th Scariest Destination for 2010— Top 13 America’s Best Haunted Houses— Must See Haunt Haunted Attraction for 2010
Haunted Attraction Magazine— # 7 on the top 25 Must See Haunts for 2010!
City Beat— “The Schoolhouse is one hell of a haunt.”
Woman’s Day —One of America’s Best Haunted Attractions
The House Of Doom —5 Stars Plus-Legendary “…should be the first stop on every hauntgoer’s list.” —10 out of 10 “it always delivers a quality haunt experience”
Ohio Valley Haunts — 9.5 “…the best Cincinnati has to offer”
The Scare Factor —9.5 “You go to get scared, and you will get as many scares as your heart desires.”
City Blood Haunt Reviews —9.4 “…truly a special haunt and a theatrical experience”

2009 Reviews/Honors

hauntworld_minifango-BEST-HAUNTS-seal-miniHA_25_Must_See— #6 on Top 13 America’s Best Haunted Houses
Cincy Magazine— “Best Haunted House” (Love Cincy Award)
Haunted Attraction Magazine— “a first class show!”…in the Top 25 Must See Haunts!
Fangoria— In the Top 20 Hometown Haunted Houses in America!
City Beat—“…grueling experiment in higher education, putting it at the (severed) head of the class”
The House of Doom—5 Stars Plus-Amazing. Unbelievable. Stupendous—10 out of 10 “…one of the premiere haunts in the Greater Cincinnatiarea…”
Ohio Valley Haunts— A 9 1/2 out of 10 “… this season’s performance is the best ever…”
City Blood Haunt Reviews–9.2 out of 10″…one of the greatest in the United States”

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