The experience at The Dent Schoolhouse is always evolving and changing to make the best experience for guests.  Here is your “education” on some things to know for 2017 about The Dent Schoolhouse.



-YES… CLOWNSZobo The Clown at The Dent Schoolhouse

New for 2017- The school gymnasium is now hosting the PTA Fun Festival.  Over 20 clowns can be found running this frightening fun festival.  Zobo the clown has also decided to call The Dent Schoolhouse home.  This clown has been around for decades but is still young at heart and loves snatching up his favorite Dent guests.


Walk deeper into the dark basement of the schoolhouse.  Over 4000 skulls fill the walls of a catacomb that harbors an ancient evil.


There was a boiler meltdown and you have to walk through it!  Steamy pipes and flames consume your path as you walk through.  Maybe you can lend a hand… or a foot as the Janitor tries to clean up the mess.


Every wondered what it would be like if your toys were life-size?  Tour the deranged toy box as the toys try to keep you as permanent playmates.




To experience The Dent Schoolhouse in all its scary glory come any open date from September 15th – October 31st.


Back by popular demand… Ghosts tours.  These will be on Wednesdays in October and can only be purchased online.  Groups are small and do sell out.  The lights are all turned off so you are asked to bring some form of a flashlight.  The tour guide will show you the schoolhouse and fill you in on all the stories and hauntings. Buy tickets HERE.


Back… AGAIN.  Lights Out 2017.  A fan favorite, the Lights Out Experience is November 3rd and 4th  We turn out the lights while all you get is a glow stick to light the way.  Oh, and we keep all the monsters in there with you too!  The “Touch Pass” will be available for these 2 nights.  Buy the Touch Pass to get TOUCHED by our monsters.


October 29th is our annual Lights On tour.  Walk the hallways with the lights on and no live monsters.  This is a great experience for younger guests to experience the fun of a haunted house without the stress of all our ghoulish workers.  Haunt lovers enjoy the show as well because you can take in all the detail that makes The Dent Schoolhouse one of the most detailed haunts in America.




New for 2017- VIP Parking.  Park right across the street for just $5 a vehicle.  OR- Park for free at the Rave Cinema just up the street.


We listened and have new items in the gift shop!  Collectible pins, new t-shirts and hoodie designs, coffee mugs, collectable magnets, shot glasses and more.  Show off your school spirit and grab your Dent gear while on-site.


We hope this little cheat sheet gets you ready for a frightfully fun time at The Dent Schoolhouse.


For basic questions about the schoolhouse see our FAQ section at