By: The Dent Schoolhouse 


 What should you expect going to The Dent Schoolhouse haunted attraction (or any large haunted house) on a Friday or Saturday a week or two before Halloween?   

  • Long lines 
  • Crowds  
  • Heavier Traffic  

We suggested that if “Black Friday” crowds are not your cup of tea, then you should try going on a Thursday or Sunday in October.  You get the same show as you would on a Friday or Saturday, but the crowds ares smaller and the ticket cost is cheaper!  For ticket details click HERE.   

Lines to buy tickets can get long and we recommend purchasing online to bypass the ticket line.  You will get a QR code sent to your phone that we can scan at the front gate.  In a hurry?  Then look into buying a Fast Pass.  This includes a separate ticket line that bypasses general admission and gets you in quicker!

The property around the schoolhouse is mainly gravel.  Wear comfortable shoes!   

BRING CASH-  If you choose to purchase your tickets on-site remember to bring cash.  We do have ATMs on-site to help.  Extra cash can be used for food at the concession stand or Dent swag from the gift shop.    



Not into crowds?  Arrive early.  The schoolhouse officially opens up at 7:30pm every night.  HOWEVER- Crowds start to from as early as 5:30pm so you could see the schoolhouse opening up as early as 6:30pm on Saturdays.   

The online box office is always open while the on-site box office will open 30 minutes before opening.

As long as you are in line by 12am on Friday or Saturday you will get to go through the attraction.



 Fall is here!  Which means things can get cold/wet.  Remember to dress accordingly.  There is a concession stand on-site that has cheap/delicious hot chocolate and other warm food like soft pretzels, hot dogs and hamburgers*. 



 Parking is a little different this year.  There is a VIP lot across the street or the lots at Christ Hospital and Children’s are also available.  Click HERE FOR PARKING details.   



Have fun!  Remember, you are paying for us to scare you!  Let your guard down and let our monsters do their job!   


*certain warm food items are only sold on Fridays and Saturdays.