Travel Channel came to The Dent Schoolhouse to get a look behind the scenes at what makes this attraction one of the scariest haunts in America!  The show host, Andrew Gunadie, aka ‘gunnarolla’, is a music & video producer based in Toronto, known for his viral music videos ‘Canadian, Please‘ and ‘The Comic Sans Song‘ as well as his travelogue series.  gunnarolla got to experience the haunted house with the lights off and filled with live monsters!

Since gunnarolla survived his trip through the schoolhouse he also got to experience a behind the screams tour at what makes the schoolhouse tick.  Large animated puppets, a body dump, scare boxes and more!

Step Inside Cincinnati's Dent Schoolhouse Haunted House

Class is in session at Cincinnati's The Dent Schoolhouse. Subjects? Screams, gore and, oh yeah, murder. (Have fun, gunnarolla! 😬)Watch more paranormal programming on Travel Channel's Ghostober all month long. More details here >>

Posted by Here for the Boos on Friday, October 5, 2018

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The Dent Schoolhouse was featured back in 2011 on Travel Channel’s Halloween Crazy show.

The Dent Schoolhouse is open through November 3rd for 2018!  Get your ticket details and more here!

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