Will The Dent Schoolhouse open because of Covid-19?  We are hearing this question a lot and we wanted to address where things stand at this moment.  We also have some fun updates and a synopsis of what our set crew has been up to.



The Dent Schoolhouse, like all other haunted attractions, event centers and seasonal events are planning to open this year. But, we want to stress that the health and safety of both our guest and our staff is our number one priority.  We are monitoring what is happening in the state of Ohio and around the United States and our crew is planning accordingly.  The Dent Schoolhouse is also allied with haunted events around the United States and we are working with them to compare notes and to make sure that when we open this year that our attraction will be one of the safest attractions to celebrate Halloween this fall in Cincinnati.

Will I have to ware a mask to go through the schoolhouse?  Will the monsters wear safety masks?  What will the outside queue line be like if we have to social distance?  These are all great questions and as we get closer to the Fall we will make plans accordingly.

What we do know:  The Dent Schoolhouse plans to increase the sanitation and cleaning services around the attraction and will be adding hand sanitizer stations around the property regardless.

We are a small local business and we have been supplying Halloween fun to Cincinnati for over 15 years professionally and plan to continue for many more years to come!  Please continue to support local business as 2020 continues.



Before Covid-19 hit, the creators of The Dent Schoolhouse wanted to do a HUGE makeover and change to the attraction.  Our crew, like every year, started after a Christmas Nightmare show last year and began planning, construction and development.  But then Covid-19 hit.  As most attractions will be halting renovations and constructions to protect from the unknown, our crew still has the task of completing this LARGE build out.  Please keep this in mind when you celebrate Halloween this year… we are dedicated to delivering a high-quality show and making sure that the attraction is always changing and evolving.


So, what are the renovations???  Well, we still want to keep you surprised but we will be releasing teasers and photos of what our crew has been creating.  Yes, construction has continued through all this and yes, we are staying safe and following social distancing and safety precautions while doing so!


Hints???  Okay- here are a couple of things to hold you over:

  • We are adding a lot of CGI effects to the renovation
  • Charlie the Janitor and some of your favorite Dent characters will be roaming this new area inside the schoolhouse
  • It emphasizes the “schoolhouse” portion of the attraction
  • It is one of the largest renovations you have seen at the attraction in many years!
  • And you may get to meet a new member of the ever-growing Dent Faculty of monsters



For many years we have had Dent guests asking where they could buy Dent t-shirts and swag during the off season.  Well, it is finally happening!!  We are helping to launch an online store and portal called the Spooky Shop!

The Spooky Shop is an online store to grab current and classic Dent Schoolhouse t-shirts, enamel pins, collectibles and more!  The store also will have other fun spooky items like Mini Monster voodoo key chains, drinkware, and other items that we think you might like!

The Spooky Shop is set to open next week (Final week of April)



We are extremely excited for customers to experience the new changes and upgrades going into the attraction this year.  The Dent Schoolhouse crew will continue to monitor the current Covid-19 situation and will keep you up to date as we get closer to the Fall.  Stay safe… stay spooky… and we look forward to scaring you soon!