The CLOWNS are taking over The Dent Schoolhouse.  Lights Out 2016 is back and crazier than ever.  Yes, the schoolhouse will be overflowing with clowns!

Experience The Dent Schoolhouse in complete darkness… other than the 1 glow stick you are given at the door.  All of the lights are out but all of the clowns are hunting you!

Looking for an AMPED up experience. New for 2016- purchase a Full Contact Lights on Pass. You will be given a special glow stick that marks you as a target for our monsters. Yes, you will be touched… and yes, it is not meant for all customers.

Put on a smile and get ready to play in the dark!

$20 -Regular Lights Out Ticket

$30 -Full Contact Lights Out Ticket (Yes, with this pass the clowns will touch you. Not recommended for most)

November 4th and 5th only. 7:30pm-12am (If you are in line by 12am you will get to go through the attraction.

You can buy tickets online or at the door.

Fast Pass version of the tickets will be offered on-site only.

***Queen City Slaughter Yard will not be open for this experience.