Back by popular demand… LIGHTS OUT. Experience The Dent Schoolhouse in DARKNESS. Each groups gets one glow stick as you maneuver the schoolhouse in the dark while it is still filled with monsters! For 2023- Lights Out’s theme is 2 Nights At Dent!  The toys and animations at the schoolhouse are coming to life and taking over!

You can purchase your TICKETS HERE.

TOUCH PASS- Is back!… Pay the extra $5 to get touched by our monsters.

-Are all of the lights out? – YES, almost every light is off in the attraction other than the stairwell and other areas that need lighting for your safety

-Are there actors inside? – YES! There are more live bodies in the schoolhouse during Lights Out than any other show Dent does!

-Are the props and animations still on? – YES. All of our animations are turned on… they just are very dark.

-What does TOUCH mean if I buy the TOUCH PASS? – It means our monsters WILL Touch you. It is all safe and nothing inappropriate. Buy purchasing this ticket you are allowing our monsters to “break your personal space” and the creatures will physically touch you. This is recommend for the extreme hauntseeker.  18 years or older please.

-Can a group have some with TOUCH and some with non-touch?  YES.  Our monsters will know which pass you are by the glowstick you are given.

-Do you get busy on these nights? – YES. Lights Out has grown in popularity so we recommend getting there early if you want to avoid lines. OR you can buy a fast pass to speed up your wait.

-Is The Monster Midway Open – YES. All of the usual attractions and photo ops will be open during this 2 day event.