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October 2012

Discovery Channel Haunt List!

Discovery Channel just released their 13 Scariest Haunted Houses in America and The Dent Schoolhouse was on the list! The bloody teddy bear says it all! Click Here To See The List!

Reno 911 Star Gets Scares at Dent!

If you watch the comedy TV Show Reno 911! there are a couple characters that stand out. One in particular, Lt. Dangle, is a tight short wearing mustache man of the law. Thomas Lennon, the actor who brought this character to life, made his way through The Dent Schoolhouse… and we captured his experience in...

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The Huffington Post Ranks Dent in Top 10!

The Huffington Post has a sneak peek At America’s Best Haunted Houses and The Dent Schoolhouse made the list! Check out the killer picture they have of Kane Hodder dressed up as one of Dent’s custodial killers! CLICK HERE FOR MORE!

Dent makes Top 13 List!

Haunted House Raitings .com has just announced their top 31 haunts to see in the nation. The Dent Schoolhouse made it in the top 13! Check out all the listings and haunts HERE! This listing was chosen by online voters! Thanks for choosing The Dent Schoolhouse!

The Ghostbuster Car At Dent

Saturday the 6th- TONIGHT, look for the Ghostbuster car to arrive at Dent. It will come blazing down Harrison Ave. and will park right in front of the haunted school. Arrival time is set for around 9/9:30pm. Grab a scare a photo with the Ghostbuster car at The Dent Schoolhouse! Who you gonna call???

Dent a Top Haunt in America

The Dent Schoolhouse was ranked on 3 national haunt lists by this year: -Top 13 Haunts List in America-Best Scenic Haunted Houses in America-Scariest Real Haunted Houses in America

The Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45248

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