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September 2011

Shadow Ghost

While cleaning up after a busy open night one of the owners spotted a woman figure that was all black and in a dress. “She didn’t have a face… you couldn’t see through her but you could see ever detail of a female outline. I’ve never seen anything like it!” The apparition was spotted by...

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Dent Featured In A Calendar

Need a jolt of haunt year round? Get your exclusive America Haunts Calendar on-site at The Dent Schoolhouse. Dent is featured as the haunt for August 2012! Grab yours while they last! 

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Don't trust play time! A Christmas Nightmare is PACKED with new holiday creatures and monsters! Open December 8th and 9th! Celebrate the holidays with this haunted Christmas event!
📷Or grab a photo with Krampus during Lights On @ Dent on December 9th!

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