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October 2016

Haunted Attraction Magazine Must See 31 Haunts

The Dent Schoolhouse, yet again, has been listed on Haunted Attraction Magazine’s Must See Top 31 Haunts list for 2016. The creators of Haunted Attraction Magazine have been all over the U.S. and work within the haunt industry… so this group knows a thing or two when it comes to scaring!  The Dent Schoolhouse is...

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Lights Out – Clown Edition

The CLOWNS are taking over The Dent Schoolhouse.  Lights Out 2016 is back and crazier than ever.  Yes, the schoolhouse will be overflowing with clowns! Experience The Dent Schoolhouse in complete darkness… other than the 1 glow stick you are given at the door.  All of the lights are out but all of the clowns...

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Haunted Attraction Online 2016 Top Haunts

Haunted Attraction Online has announced their Top 13 Haunts for 2016 and The Dent Schoolhouse is on the list!  Not only is it the best in Ohio but a top America haunt.  Check out the full list and see all the great haunts that Haunted Attraction Online have listed!

Fright Find Gives Top Ohio Haunt has announced their 2016 Top Haunted Houses list for 2016.  Ohio has more haunts than any state in the United States and The Dent Schoolhouse represents the top haunt in Ohio! The Dent Schoolhouse is proud to represent the state of Ohio and all of the amazing attractions that the state contains!

Ben-Gal Cheerleaders Scream

For the second year in the row the Ben-Gal Cheerleaders have come to The Dent Schoolhouse for a frightening good time.  This year, they surprised the whole squad with a spooky trip to the old schoolhouse.  Needless to say, there was very little cheering when they got inside… and a whole lot of screaming as...

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CNN Ranks Top 5 Haunts For Halloween

Halloween and haunted houses are a beautiful match.  The Dent Schoolhouse in Cincinnati, OH is on CNN’s 5 haunted attractions you can’t miss for Halloween. There are thousands of haunted houses and fall events in the United States and CNN chose The Dent Schoolhouse to represent the true spirit of Halloween!

eBaum’s World Ranks Most Intense Haunts

Do you have what it takes to go through The Dent Schoolhouse?  eBaum’s World Ranks The Dent Schoolhouse on its most INTENSE Haunted House list for 2016! The Dent Schoolhouse gains its intense rating because it takes place in an actual haunted schoolhouse where a Janitor killed several of the students in the basement.  The...

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Hauntworld Announces Dent as World’s Top Haunt

Hauntworld, an industry site for haunted houses all over the globe, announced it’s 2016 Top Haunted House list and The Dent Schoolhouse took the #9 slot. The Dent Schoolhouse is no stranger to this list and has been featured many times on and the Hauntworld Magazine.

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